May 01, 2013


I recently went on a "girls trip away" with a friend to beautiful Charlottesville, VA. While we had a great time at the many wineries (more photos from that a little later) we decided to take a field trip to Thomas Jefferson's home.

 Amazed by the incredible architecture and small intricacies of this building.

Trying to put myself into the time in history of the building, imagining the clothes, the food, the lifestyle, the hardships...and the parties! 


I continually found myself trying to capture just a glimpse,
a "peek into the window" if you will, of the life of one of our founding fathers...

... or was it a "glimpse out" of history that I was imagining?

Either way, I was very intrigued by the complexities AND the simplicities of his home, his life, and the history of our third president!

I highly recommend a trip to Monticello if you are ever in the area!


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