July 18, 2013

Country livin'...

We moved to the country a few years ago which was a HUGE change for me as I have always considered myself to be a "city girl". It is beautiful out here, it's quiet, everyone is very laid back, and there is no traffic. However, I still yearn for concrete and skyscrapers, museums and shopping, subways and taxis. The thrill of the city. But we are here for a while so I need to make the best of it.
However, fitting in to the country way of life has been very difficult for me. I have made several attempts, but I'm just not feeling it. This week I made another attempt to "fit in". I gathered the kids and a friend and we did something very country, (well to me it was)...
we went to the carnival!

There was no shortage of food, games and interesting people

(yes, these two are wearing "tails")

There were even rides that could make you sick if that is what you desire.

There were funnel cakes, cotton candy, and ice cream made at the local dairy farm.

There were games!
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And then we tried our "luck" at catching a fish, and after just $13.00 of ping pong balls...

we bought won "Moe".

After several more rounds of games, rides and visits to the various food stands, I feel I have filled my quota of country livin' for the year but it's only July so I will keep trying, I am stubborn, and after all the "Great Frederick Fair" is just a couple of months away!

So, unless it's "wine country" I just don't feel like I belong in the country.
How about you? Are you a city slicker or country folk? Either way, make it a life worth livin' because life is way too short...just ask "Moe"!
Now, off to the country to sample wine ...



  1. Country....and I love that you spent $13 on a gold fish....makes me feel much better about money I have spent at carnivals! :)

  2. OH !!! I just love Carnivals... Beautiful set of pictures, with great reflections. I hope your moving to the country will brings you a lot of joy, peace and quiet... Have a nice country life ;)