November 25, 2014


I really wanted to head out and snap some new photographs to participate in Song-ography over at You’ll Shoot You’re Eye Out. I had made a commitment (to myself) I was going to try really hard to do this every week. I mean, come on, it’s once a week, I can do that! However, just as I was ready to commit to make it 2 weeks in a row, something awful happened. I have broken my camera. Yes, me, not my kids, ME. And I am sick about it. I am always so careful with it that when my kids ask to use my camera I ALWAYS tell them no at first and then I cave but with rules. And rule number one use the camera strap to prevent it from falling. And, although they now mimic my advice with me and may think I am a bit over-protective of the camera, they always oblige.

How then did my camera “break”? That Damn darn strap did it to me. It turned on me. It turned right around and used itself against me. As my camera lay on the table waiting to be lifted to my eye for the next event to be photographed (my daughter’s first homecoming), it hooked onto the drawer pull and jumped right out of my hand onto the floor with a loud crash. Followed by a scream, some words I shouldn't repeat and many tears.  I couldn't believe it. I have been so careful with it ALL THE TIME. And there it lay on the floor dented and broken…with the strap still attached.

So as I decide whether or not to have it fixed or ask for the latest model for Christmas, yeah right, I haven’t been that good. Especially my language as that camera hit the floor! Sorry Santa, I promise, I’ll never say those words again! I have dug into my archives to honor my commitment to myself and participate in Song-ography!

This week’s song, 
Everyday People
by Sly & the Family Stone

Everyday People Taking Everyday Pictures…

 …in front of the not so Everyday house

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC


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