June 06, 2013

Getting older...

Today is the day, I have officially been a mother to a teenage daughter for one year...I consider myself a survivor! Okay, I understand that it is premature to declare myself a survivor, but really?..do any of you HAVE a teenage daughter?
Have you ever had the eye roll?...the "what-EVER" (spoken in the most annoyed voice ever)?...been ignored as if you were not speaking? Okay, now, have you ever had all 3 at once? Welcome fellow parents of teenage girls! We must remain strong, resilient, and unite.

However at the same time, I love that teen with all my heart. I have seen her swell with pride. I have seen her confused and hurt. I have witnessed her smile with happiness, and cry through the pain. So many emotions already in her young life. I would love to protect her from all the bad and continue to celebrate all the good. But life isn't always fair like that, we must endure the rain to get to the rainbows. And even after the worst of storms those rainbows can make it all seem so much better.

So on this first day of your 2nd year of teenage life, I wish you the highest of highs and the brightest of rainbows. I love you, "Dupes"! You still are and always will be my baby girl!


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